A list of additional games I’ve worked on that are available to play.

Message Mix-Up

  • Global Game Jam 2018
  • Designed gameplay
  • Wrote narrative text

Jumpin’ Waves

  • Global Game Jam 2017
  • Designed gameplay
  • Scripted using Unity C#
  • Created art assets using Blender

Occulta Solemnis

  • Global Game Jam 2016
  • Contributed to game design
  • Designed level layouts
  • Created level and character art using Photoshop and Google Drawings

Asteroid Field

  • Designed gameplay
  • Scripted using GameSalad
  • Created art assets using Google Drawings

Block ‘n Tackle

  • Bachelor of Science in Game Design final project
  • Contributed to game design, specifically character ability mechanics
  • Scripted character abilities using UnrealScript
  • Created design documentation
  • Performed usability and bug tests


  • Student project
  • Designed gameplay
  • Scripted using Perlenspiel