My Resume


3D Shooter,  independently developed with Unity

Play as a robot held together with magnetic energy and try to defeat the other magnetic bots that have gone haywire. The player’s goal is to find and defeat all the enemy robots in each level. Enemies are drained of their hit points- demagnetized- with a projectile attack, but can only be defeated by physical contact when demagnetized. The player robot works with the same rules, creating a risk/reward balance when getting in close.

I started designing Demagnetized in October 2015, and developed it until February 2017. My main goal for this project was to get better at designing third person action games, especially combat mechanics/encounters.

You can find Demagnetized on itch.io here! 


3D Platformer, independently developed with Unreal 4

In this 3D Platformer, the player is free to explore each level using propulsion, which allows them to move vertically through the world. Propulsion is limited by power, and when power runs out, the game ends. The goal is to collect as many of the crystals in the level as possible before running out of power.

I worked on Propulsion from September 2014 to September 2015. My goals were to familiarize myself with Unreal 4, improve my scripting, and get better at creating 3D environments.

You can find Propulsion on itch.io here!